Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carrotcake with cream cheese frosting

So..carrotcake very sweet and spicy with a cream cheese lemon vanilla frosting..

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today I tried out my first batch of Brunkager! Brunkager is a Danish cookie eaten at xmas and somehow xmas isnt the same without them;)

I used the recipy of my all time favorite cook: Kille Enna, a Danish cook who just rocks my world! And in danger of being sued I bring the recipy here:

190 g butter, 125 gr. light sirupe and 125 gr. of sugarcane suger - bring it to a boiling point in a pot and leave it to cool to lukewarm, then add 1/2 dl Potaske disolved inn 1/2 dl boiling water. cool off again and then add 400 gr. flour, 15 gr. cinamon, 1 spoonful of cloves, whole, toasted on a pan and blended to powder, 70 gr of chopped almonds and 50 gr. sukat or oranage peel.

Mix the batter well band and roll it to two rolls of dough and leave to cool in refrigiater for at least two hours. Then cut it in thin slices and place on a baking tray, bake in oven at 180 degrees for about 5-6 minutes.

When you take them out of the oven place them to cool on a rack, in order to get crispy. Keep in an airtight container when completely cooled off.

All about the filo pastery!

I tried to make some kind of my own Börek version - and couldnt find the right pastery so I used this one instead:

There seems to be a variety of Yufka pastery and they must be used for different things, but even after having searched the net for explanations I didnt get any wiser and would like help if anyone knows. This one I found was very big and round, so I had to cut it out with some sissors to make it work in the baking tray

I put layers of pastery in the tray and brushed with oil in between the layers. Then I made a mix of minced meat ( oxe or lam and viel, depending on where I buy the meat or what mood I am in) fried it all up in olive oil- browning/sealing the meat off, add onions finely chopped and herbs and aubergine/eggplant and crumbled some fetacheese over the mixture when dont and cooled off slightly

I added the filling to the middle layers of the pastery-I poured an eggmixture over the meatfilling and put the rest of the layers of pastery brushed with oil over it and cut squares and baked the lot in the oven at 180 degrees.
When it was all crispy and golden ( and baked all the way to the bottum) I took it out to with a nice salad and some homemade-ish chilli sauce

My "Knækbrød" experiment

Knækbrød is a swedish invention, though we eat a lot of it in Denmark too. It comes in all kinds of variations and from quite a few brands and its healthy and tasty. And best of all: crispy!

I tried to make my own experiments - wanted a "Knækbrød" that was crispy, but in a hard cripsy way not a bubbly, airy kind of crispy..with lots of fibers and goods! Its good with fresh cold butter, cheese or jam- once you eat homemade Knækbrød u cant go back!

First I made a sourdough from fullgrained ryeflour and water and a TINY which I fermented over a week- I used a few cups of water and the rye flour and added some more rye everyday to feed the sourdough ( sometimes if I am in a hurry I add a tiny bit of yeast, but not more than a few gram). When thats ready I made a dough from a bit of the sourdoug, some fullgrained spelt, a tiny bit of wheat flour, water, Maldoner Salt, a tiny bit of oil ( a spoonful or so), sesame seeds,  white, or Nigella seeds ( I loove those) and sometimes sunflower seeds or whatever I have in the house- preferebly all ecological.

I mix it well and makes sort of a very wet dough, let it raise for some hours, and in the end I roll it out very flat and very thin- slice the dough into squares, sprinkle with more Maldoner salt and sesame seeds, black and white ( or Nigella) and put it in the oven on 180 degrees, untill its all crispy and hard. Let it cool slightly before you break it up!

Make sure its baked all through, and cooled off completely before storing it in aritight containers or they wont be crispy just hard and boring.

Fiberwig...nothing to do with cooking!

Oh..I know this has nothing to do with cooking..but I do everything in my maybe its ok even so?

I finally tried out my new buy the "Fiberwig - beyond Mascara!" Its a new Japanese invention and they promise this is "Paint´-on false lashes" and who can resist such an add? I was in a cosmetic shop to buys xmas presents when I fell over the counter with the Fiberwig, and that was it! If they can give Japanese women lashes, they can give me lashes too!

And I have to can actually apply layer after layer and it does build up and up and the limit is really when u choose it! I have megalong lashes- but having said this--its damn hard to use as one has to get the system how to use it..because I do now not only have Fiberwig lashes..I also have spider lashes, hahah, they point in all directions and some places the fibers have attached to them selves--horisontal instead of vertical! I have lashes..and I look I have lashes, yeay!! And they arent those  heavy fat clumpy  lashes..u can imagine once one gets the hang of it, it will actually look quite natural..considering it's  paint-on false lashes...

Ps: Now I tried to take it off, curious to see if it really just washes off in warm water in a non smudging way like they show in the commercial...hahah and it actualy does!! It REALLY does just come off when soaked in lukewarm water! I have never seen anything like doesnt just wash comes off!

This is indeed the strangest mascara ever...its a little bit like a sci-fi masacara!

Check it out on :