Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does frying pans dream of electric pancakemachines?

I usually makes small springrolls, but this guy at work, Long made the most fantastic huge springrolls, with his own springroll wrappers and home made chili sauce, so I started experimenting to make them like his. I never succeeded even after quite a few attempts, so Long is still the Springroll Master, but mine didnt turn out that bad even so;)

First I prepared the filling with minced meat and other stuff ( Long says meat and cabbage and stuff..I think I was rebellious and used meat and bamboo and onions) and salt and peber and left it to cool.

Springroll wrappers:
Mix eggs, salt and peber, water, flour ( 1 eggs to 300 gr of flour approx) into a nice smooth, not too thick not too thin...and leave it for a while. Bake the pancakes on a pan - on only one side! I brushed the pan with a tiny bit of oil when needed and poured the batter on and baked them on one side till they look like they were just baked, not browned yet. The I peeled it off the pan and proceeded to the next one. I left them to cool completely off before rolling them.

I deepfried the ones we wanted to eat and put the rest in the freezer. Very easy to take them out, thraw them and deepfry them if we feel like some warm crispy springrolls!

AND now we're at it...I want this springroll  machine for my birthday! That has to be better than sex!!

or this one

then check out this dream of a machine !!