Sunday, March 13, 2011

Regitzes Flowerpot Icecream dessert

My daugther turned 12 this week and made these desserts for her brothers and cousin. We had found the recipy on the internet ( will post the link at the bottum of this ) and she did it all by herself: shopped, planned, did it- and wow, these were really amazing!!

Unfortunately I didnt get pics from the beginning but here is what she did:

She bought some real flowerpots, straws, icrecream, cake ( sandkage) and a lot of Oreos and finally some flowers. 

She covered the bottum of the washed flowerpots with the cake, stuck the straw in the middle, held it into posistion while she scooped icecream on top of the cake bottum- with the straw in the middle. She pressed the icream real tight down ( still making sure the straw was in position)  and filled it to about 2/3 of the height and covered the pots with film and placed them all in the freezer til the next day.

Before serving she then drizzeled the Oreo crumbs she had made ( by putting tons of them in a plastic bag and punched on them with my rolling pin till they were all crumbled and resembeled earth/dirt like you wouldn't believe it!) all over the icecream and packed it real tight but still loose on the top layer- cut the straw down to lvl it..put a flower in the straw..cleaned the pots so they looked clean and neat---and served the pot with flower and all to her guests- with a spoon ofc!

The link for the recipy where we stole this from with many thanks:

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