Sunday, March 13, 2011

A glimse of baklava

I have to say this...I Loooove baklava!

I have been told that there are is a big difference from the Tyrkish and the arabian baklava- the Tyrkish is soaked in syrope water and can be rather wet and sticky- where as the arabian ones are more crunchy and has less syrope. I have made this in my version of the arabian version ( as I love crunchy things) brushed each layer of filo with cleared butter,  filled the middle  with grinded almonds, walnuts and pine, sprinkled them with sugar and cinnemon, placed the rest of the layers of filo on top, brushed with cleared butter..and then cut the whole thing up in little squares/ retangulars and baked it till crispy and golden.
The syrope I cooked from sugar, water, honey, a bit of rose water...when it was thick and the cake wasnt all cooled down yet, I poured some over the cake..especially in the gaps. Sprinkled it with some chopped up fantastic pistachios nuts from Aegina Island ( dry roasted sundried handpicked pistachios Mrs C brought us)

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